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CITS2102             Graphic Central Designer/Graphic Programming                                      


Class Type            Programming


System                   Graphic Central


Duration                2.5 days


Class Audience    Programmers of Excel Plus systems with a Graphic user interface


Offered At             Customer site or St Paul


# of Students        Minimum 5, Maximum 8 


Cost                        $1095 per person at site, $795 per person St Paul


Brief                      The class starts with a brief discussion of the system block diagram of a Graphic Central

                                System.  All components of the system are discussed to a functional level.  The course first motivates the graphic

generation process.  The course then discusses every graphic generation tool provided by the Designer program itself. 

These tools are learned very quickly by extensive lab exercises and ample lab time.  After the Designer tools are

mastered the course introduces the repertoire of cleverly generated Honeywell graphic objects to be used by the

technique of cut-and-paste. 


The course also goes into a discussion of the aesthetics of graphic object proportionality, color and symmetry concepts.


The course finally discusses the problem of graphic hierarchy as recommended by the Honeywell literature and the techniques to implement the hierarchy.  The course culminates with a full discussion on graphic assignment and programming using the Honeywell graphic user interface program.  The course also covers graphic importing from other graphic programs into the Designer program.


                                Written exercises are used to reinforce the learning process.


Objectives             Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:


·         Start the Designer program

·         Use every design tool provided in the Designer program

·         Access the Honeywell provided repertoire of graphic objects

·         Use the copy/paste technique skillfully

·         Construct a meaningful graphic hierarchy for any building or make modification to a given one

·         Assign a graphic to the Graphic User Interface program

·         Program or reprogram a given graphic using the Graphic User Interface program



·         Loading the Designer program

·         Designer Operating Procedures

·         Designing Tools

·         Cut/Copy/Paste technique

·         Graphic Assignment

·         Graphic Programming

·         Graphic Importing

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