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CLASS TYPE:            System Administration


SYSTEM:                   XL15 (Light Commercial Building Solution)


DURATION:                2.5 days


CLASS AUDIENCE:        System Owners, Managers, Facility Managers, Directors, System Operators, Technicians installing/servicing

                               down-line satellite Excel 10 Controllers, XL15 Controllers, XL15 Building Managers and/or maintenance personnel

                               responsible for the same


OFFERED AT:             Customer site or St Paul


# OF STUDENTS:        Minimum 5, Maximum 8 


COST:                        $1259 per person at site, $915 per person St Paul




BRIEF:                               The class starts with a brief discussion of the system block diagram of a typical LCBS System showing

               all central equipment such as work station PC's, local and remote E-buses, the satellite processors such as the

               Constant/Variable Volume controllers, special controllers such as the Remote I/O, UV and CHC Controllers,

               system routers such as the Q7751A/B FTT to FTT and TPT to FTT routers, Q7740A/B Repeaters, User

               Interface and Configuration tool interfaces such as the Q7752A serial interface for the LONSpec PC, the User

               Interface Wall Modules such as T7770A-D and the DDWM T7780A and the E-bus FTT termination modules

               209541B. This overview includes a discussion of the functions of  an XL15 System.


    The class then follows a structured approach to XL15 system Administration. The detailed topics

    covered and the subtopics are as given below. For each topic the instructor will discuss administrative

    options available and then will recommend a supervisory policy


1.                User Administration (overview)

            Roles and access levels, Admin Interface


      2.                Managing users and user profiles

Creating/modifying user profiles


      3.                XL15 Global Schedule Management

Configuration Options, Recommended Policies


      4.                Management Temporary schedules


      5.                Trend management

            6.                Alarm Response policies and management

      7.                System Change Log Maintenance


      8.                System Databases, Their Management, and Procedures

            9.                Overall System Responsibility and Control


OBJECTIVES:             Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:


  • Identify create, install, and manage an effective user management policy
  • Identify create, install, and manage an effective schedule management policy
  • Identify create, install, and manage an effective trend management policy
  • Identify create, install, and manage an effective alarm management policy
  • Configure a system change log for his/her site
  • Start the XL15 User interface, sign-on and sign-off of the system
  • Identify, create, install and manage an effective system database backup and restore policy
  • Exhibit an awareness of the nature and significance of overall system responsibility and control



  • LCBS XL15 System Block Diagram including the Building Managers and the satellite processors referred to above
  • User Administration
  • Schedule Management
  • Trend Management
  • Alarm Response Management
  • System Change Log
  • System Databases
  • System Responsibility and Control


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