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CXBS5003           XBS System Engineering  IV (Database Generation using  ZM7604/ZM5001 Software)


Class Type            Engineering


System                   XBS Central


Duration                5.0 days


Class Audience    Electricians, electronic systems specialists, and maintenance persons responsible for

                                 electrical/electronic installation work at customer sites, Honeywell Authorized

System Distributor Installation personnel, and Honeywell systems technicians for XBS or other systems and Programmers/analysts familiar with PC Hardware and Application programs, and Windows.


Offered At             Customer site or St Paul


# of Students        Minimum 5,  Maximum 8 


Cost                        $1990 per person at site, $1290 per person St Paul


Pre-requisites      CXBX1001


Brief                      The objective of this class is to configure and program the W7600/W7620

controllers on the C-NAP bus.  The course starts with an extensive block diagram of an XBS System and its extensions and enhancements. Students are encouraged to relate the discussion to their own systems and bring up any points that they may need clarification on.  This module of the class is basically a thorough discussion of the entire system and is invaluable to make the students at home with their systems.  This module of the class also presents an elaborate block diagram showing the Excel link and the downline processors.  This is followed by an Excel link application procedures flowchart which shows what the software under consideration is designed to do. 


The next natural step is to learn how to start work with the Excel Link software.  The getting Started section provides information for the required Hardware, PC preparation and wiring  to run the software.  This section also shows installation procedures for ZM7604/ZM5001 software and how to start the applications from Windows.

The course next discusses general set up procedures including such items as CARE configuration, subsystem controller configuration, controller setup, and download operations.  This is followed by detailed procedures for programming W7600/W7620 and W7600 networkable controllers. This module of the course is the main emphasis of the class.  The detailed procedures also discuss BDDC and EMS programming for the relevant controllers.  Data sharing between the various buses is implemented and exemplified.

The course topics list is quite varied and it is not possible to enumerate all the various configuration features allowed by this special software.  Suffice it to say that students go through a complete cycle configuring and programming the W7600, W7620 and W7600 networkable controllers.


Objectives             Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:

·         Install ZM7604/ZM5001 software

·         CARE Configuration for ZM7604/ZM5001 Software

·         Perform all Set-up and configuration Functions for the ZM7604/ZM5001 Software

·         Configure W7620 Controllers

·         Configure W7600 Networkable Controllers

·         Configure Building DDC Controllers

·         Configure Excel Link SSI’s

·         Perform all Database Programming functions for all applicable controllers

·         Print all reports for the all applicable controller Databases


·         Starting ZM7604/ZM5001 Software

·         Configuring System Information

·         Configuring Communication Information

·         Configuration flow for a site

·         Configuring a site

·         Opening/closing a site

·         Reading/writing all applicable Controllers

·         Site Connect

·         Backup/restore for a site or system

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