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Corporate Info Tech Services
Corporate Information Technology Services

Corporate Information Technology Services

Training/Repair Services for ALL Honeywell Automation/Fire Alarm Systems 

Welcome to the Home Page of Corporate Information Technology Services. This Home Page will give you information about us, all of our products and services. Please use the simple instructions provided to request anything that we can help you with. If you do not find something that you are looking for, feel free to call (651)414-3096 and ask to speak to Riaz Hussain.

Or contact us via Email:

The menu below covers our services. If there is something that you do not see, please click the "What is your question?" link.

Corporate Information Technology services is a technology company and we sell solutions. Therefore, if there is a system or problem no provider will take on or you cannot do anything about it, call Riaz Hussain, (651)414-3096 and we will study the system no matter how large or small, or whatever the question and provide a solution, wheather we currently know anything about it or not. We will take on any problem or question whatsoever. At CITS the problem is not that there is no solution. Problem is that there is a lack of financial resources. In other words, as always, the problems of any kind and at any level are never technical. Problems are economic. So the question basically boils down to "Do you really want your problem solved?" We will let you decide!  

Repairable Parts List

EBI/LonWorks Systems 

Circuit Board Repair   

Engineering/Repair Services       

For Contractors       

Parts for Honeywell Systems 

For Service Providers 

Services for Honeywell 

Training Services         

Contract Maintenance Services 

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How to use this website

Repair Services

1.   To see if an item is repairable, do a search on the Manufacturer's Item Parprinted/silk-screened on the item or otherwise known to you. 

2.   Follow the repair instructions to schedule your repair.

Systems Support Services

1.   If you need a systems support service, see if your service request is covered under any item in  the blue box. If yes, click the item and follow the instructions/information provided.

 2.   If your service item is not listed, just call call (651)442-9044. and a fully empowered engineer  will discuss your concern with you and will provide a solid solution path for your concerns. There will be no "maybe's", "ifs" and "buts".

 3.   If you are looking for a particular part for a specific system, go to and use the search box there and follow the ordering instructions provided there.

New Installations 

1.   If you are looking for an ultra modern Webs AX or similar installation call Riaz Hussain,(651)442-9044 and start the quotation and the submitttal process. We respond in short order

2.   If you are looking for an EBI or Symmetry System installation or service, call (651)442-9044   for a definitive answer and immediate mobilization.

 Training Services

1.   If you are looking for Custom Training Services on any system call (651)414-3096 to determine your training needs and the subsequent scheduling of training services.

2.   The standard training classes are listed on the left panel. Click on any of interest to see the training outline. If you need help with the training outlines call (651)414-3096.

3.   To schedule any training Class, call (651)414-3096.

4.   If you have any questions at all, call Automation/Fire Alarm Systems Engineering specialist,     Riaz Hussain, (651)442-9044 at any time 24/7/365.

Thank you

Riaz Hussain

Automation/Fire Alarm Systems Engineering Specialist

Corporate Information Technology Services

1901 Lexington Avenue N

St Paul MN 55113


(651)646-4279 FAX

 Riaz Hussain

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