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There is hardly a home or business that does not hve some kind of a network in place or wants one or has one that needs some tuning, repair or other service. But the problem is that in this day an age there are too many network "experts" and "gurus" that have mystified the whole process and for any network service at all, you have to hire an expert and have to pay for an evaluation, estimation, diagnostics and a whole lot of other formalites before you can get anything done at all!

At CITS we make everything very simple and straight forward for you. Simply call me directly and I will fly out there and do whatever you need done at your site. All you will be paying is the cost of travel, the air fare, hotel and my per diem and then a simple labor rate of $193.20 per hour, that's it. And of course the cost of materials. Who does that nowadays? Please ask aound and find out. Obviusly I am not looking to get rich here at this point. Just to keep busy and do YOU some good! That's all. Please don't fall for that high sounding network lingo and trust my experience. I solve problems just standing there!!

Remember, the good Microsoft and other great vendors may have invented and put the network systems in place in the first place and the network gururs are great people but they will make you go thrugh a very formal and stiff process. Whereas I will get it working informally and completely before they will figure out what to do even! And I will figure out and setup the network design without even using a piece of paper and pen! Well, may be a pen and a notebook. But I will give you a write up after all is setup. Don't worry there will be some documentation!

My number is (651)442-9044 and is almost alway ON. I am looking for a PROBLEM to fix!

And I forgot to say, I work on networks Small or Lage, at home or abroad. Nothing is too small or too big. I have not said "NO" in my life yet!

Thank you.

Riaz Hussain


Corporate Info Tech Services
XBS Systems  >  CXBS2105

CXBS2105           XBS XI584 Computer System Operation/Programming


Class Type            Programming


System                   XBS Central


Duration                4.5 days


Class Audience    Programmers of down-line XBS processors and/or Maintenance personnel for the XBS Controllers in XBS Central or XBS-i Central HVAC Systems


Offered At             Customer site or St Paul


# of Students        Minimum 5,  Maximum 8 


Cost                        $1990 per person at site, $1290 per person St Paul


Pre-requisites      CXBX1001/CXBX2101


Brief                      The class starts with various popular configuration block diagrams.  Students are encouraged to identify their own systems in the class discussions.  The course then goes into a brief  Windows basics session.  Typical procedures are then discussed and extensively exemplified.  Such procedures include XI584 connection, start-up, sign-on, sign-off, system window and problem Windows.  In the next step, the course proceeds with the Typical procedures on an XI584 system.


                                Items covered in this module are system status check, controller datafile modification, including CARE import and export dialog boxes, clearing controller datafiles, all modes of system point information access, responding to alarms, and all changes and modifications to all schedule types.  This module of the course also goes into an extensive discussion and generation of all system reports.  This module is quite extensive.


The next module of the class is a complete and further discussion of CARE Project Administration, entering/modifying DDC parameters, working with X,Y,Z registers, all point modification dialog boxes, and XI581 emulation.


Objectives             Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:


·         Physically wire up/connect up an XI584 Computer System

·         Start-Up an XI584 system

·         Perform Sign-on and sign-off and other basic Startup functions

·         Perform all Typical Procedures such as, Check System  Status, Controller Data File Changes, Clear Controller Datafiles, Find and Display Point Information, Respond to Alarms, Create/Modify Schedules, and Report Generation Functions

·         Perform all CARE Project Administration Functions

·         Modify/Change all DDC Parameters

·         Modify/Change Controller Databases

·         Perform Backup/Restore Functions

·         Perform Applicable Subsystem Access Functions

·         Emulate XI581 Terminal

·         Perform all Applicable Text Database (such as Descriptor files ) Modification Functions 



·         XI584 Wiring and Start-Up

·         Sign-on/sign-off

·         Controller Database Changes

·         Clear Controller Database Procedures

·         Find and Display Point Information

·         Respond to Alarm functions

·         Change/Modify Schedules

·         System Reports

·         CARE Project Administration Functions

·         Change/Modify DDC Parameters

·         Database Save/Restore Functions

·         XI581 Emulation

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