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XL10/E-vision Systems  >  CXBS5000EV

CXBS5000EV     E-Vision Engineering Process


Class Type            Engineering


System                   XL5000


Duration                4.5 days


Class Audience    Technicians installing/servicing down-line satellite Excel 10 W7750A/B Controllers 

Connected to an XBS system and/or maintenance personnel responsible for the same



Offered At             Customer site or St Paul


# of Students        Minimum 5, Maximum 8 


Cost                        $1990 per person at site, $1290 per person St Paul


Pre-requisites      None


Brief                      The class starts with a thorough discussion of the system block diagram of an XBS System showing all central

equipment such as work station PC’s, local and remote   C-buses, the interface equipment for the satellite processors such as the Q7750A Excel 10 Zone Manager, System routers such as the Q7751A/B FTT to FTT and TPT to FTT routers, Q7740A/B Repeaters, User Interface and Configuration tool interfaces such as the Q7752A serial interface for the E-Vision PC, the User Interface Wall Modules such as T7770A-D and the DDWM T7780A and E-Bus FTT termination modules 209541B.  All components of the system are discussed to a functional level.

The controllers are not programmed via a traditional programming language such as Microcel Pascal for Micro/Macrocel controllers.  Instead, the application program is prewritten by Honeywell engineers and the configurator simply configures this program via a battery of parameters.  Even the point file is configured parametrically.  The parametric database resides in the controller EEPROM.  This might appear as somewhat restrictive but in practice the parametric choices are quite elaborate and do allow an unusual flexibility.  However, a default configuration is also available that will allow the controller to run and control the connected equipment without any parametric involvement.  This approach leads to a much quicker application/engineering process once the engineer knows what choices to make to match his/her application.  The process is quite akin to EMS programming in Excel Plus controllers.  One does not write an EMS program for the Excel Plus Controller.  Instead, one configures one by an intelligent choice of EMS parameters.  The program is already written and is resident on the controller EPROM. 

The class covers thoroughly the basic or default configuration of the W7750A/B controllers.  This is done in order to master the engineering process as implemented in the E-Vision Engineering program.  The W77501A/B controllers are used as a vehicle to master the E-Vision Engineering Process.  Students also learn how to commission the controllers through the E-Vision configuration tool.  Actual physical test and checkout of the controllers is an integral part of the class.  


Students go through the configuration process with hands-on detailed lab exercises at least 3 times.  Students’ work is checked for thoroughness and completeness. 


Written exercises are used throughout the class to reinforce the learning process.


Objectives             Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:

·         Identify functionally critical components of  a connected E-bus

·         Understand the purpose and function of the E-bus

·         Install and Operate the E-Vision Engineering Tool

·         Use all features of the E-Vision Engineering System

·         Wire a W7750A/B controller for a specific application

·         Understand the purpose and function of W7750A/B controller Hardware/Firmware.

·         Perform Commissioning and Basic Configuration functions using the E-Vision Software

·         Understand functionally the purpose of the W7750A/B Controller physical input and outputs and to be able to work with



·         XL5000 System Block Diagram including the Zone Manager and satellite processors

·         E-Vision Software Configuration/Installation/Operation

·         W7750A/B Controller Functional Hardware/Firmware

·         W7750A/B Controller Test and checkout

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