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CITS0303             Microprocessor-based/DDC Systems


Class Type            Basic Operation


System                   DDC systems


Duration                1.0 Day


Class Audience    Operators of DDC systems such as Excel Plus systems with a Graphic user interface


Offered At             Customer site or St Paul


# of Students        Minimum 5, Maximum 8


Cost                        $2110 per person at site, $1827 per person at St Paul


Brief                      The class starts with a definition of DDC system. After background information on computer controlled DDC systems the class goes into a discussion of the functions/uses of a DDC system. Each function is explained with an example. System components of a DDC system are then discussed. In particular the discussion is centered on the controllers used and their types. The class then discusses the actual loops that a controller can perform and the overrides that can be implemented such as Night Cycle override. It is explained that the controllers also need different  levels of programming to function properly. In particular the data file and program file programming are identified. This leads to the custom programming capability of DDC controllers. The class concludes with examples of actual control loops. In particular the class focuses on the discharge control of cooling with damper sequencing.


                                The class does not use hands on lab stations but class worksheets are used to reinforce learning


Objectives             Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:


·         Identify a DDC or a computer controlled HVAC system

·         Understand the various definitions used in automation DDC systems

·         Describe the uses of a DDC system

·         Describe the various types of controllers used in DDC systems

·         Understand the types of software used in DDC systems

·         Understand the types of control loops and overrides used in DDC controllers



·         DDC systems

·         Functions of a DDC system

·         Controllers used in DDC systems

·         Controller software in DDC systems

·         Types of control loops used in a DDC system

·         Controller custom programming

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