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CITS2005             Excel Plus Microcentral HVAC Programming (Deltanet PASCAL)


Class Type            Programming


System                   Microcentral


Duration                4.5 Days


Class Audience    Maintenance Personnel responsible for Customization/Configuration of an excel Plus Microcentral DDC system


Offered At             Customer site or St Paul


# of Students        Minimum 5, Maximum 8


Cost                        $1990 per person at site, $1290 per person St Paul


Brief                      The course starts with a brief introduction to an Excel Plus Microcentral System using a simplified block diagram.  The function and intent of a DDC program in an Excel Plus panel is then elaborated on and the difference between an Energy Management Program and a DDC program is pointed out.  The course then goes  into a study of the elements of the Honeywell Programming Language Deltanet Pascal, the language DDC programs are written in.  Each set of elements of the language is introduced with example program segments which are actually tested on line.  The course also discuses the powerful Honeywell DDC operators which convert the Deltanet Pascal language into a truly structured programming language ideally suited for HVAC control.  Again the operators are actually used in program segments and tested on line. 


The technical functions of flowcharting, writing, compilation, downloading and testing of programs are performed repeatedly to enhance learning and internalizing of a certain definitive analytical thought-pattern.


Objectives             Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:


·         Identify the Point and Program files of an R7044 Controller database

·         Understand the nature and significance of an HVAC Control Loop

·         Flow-chart an HVAC Control Loop using Deltanet Pascal  Standard Programming Symbology

·         Write program code to implement a flow-chart for an HVAC Control Loop

·         Compile program code to executable/object code format using the Pascal Compiler

·         Download object code for a DDC program into an R7044 memory

·         Test/checkout a downloaded program for correct on-line operation 

·         Use all Honeywell Pascal HVAC operators to write error-free and easily understood


·         Eliminate the use of the ‘IF’ statement from any already written program to enhance program readability                                                



·         Excel Plus Microcentral System Block Diagram

·         Controller Point and Program files

·         DDC control loops

·         Flow-charting

·         Program Code writing using an editor program

·         Program Compilation

·         Program downloading/Program test/checkout on-line

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