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5CARE5000    Honeywell CARE4.0 Engineering Process


Class Type           Engineering


System                    XBS Central


Duration                 5.0 days, 10 Hours/Day


Class Audience    Electricians, electronic systems specialists, and maintenance persons responsible for electrical/electronic installation work at customer sites, Honeywell Authorized System Distributor Installation personnel, and Honeywell systems technicians for XBS or other systems and Programmers/analysts familiar with PC Hardware and Application programs, and Windows.


Offered At            Customer site or St Paul


# of Students        Minimum 5,  Maximum 8 


Cost                        $1990 per person at site, $1290 per person St Paul


Pre-requisites      CXBS1003, CXBS3001


Brief                      The objective of the course is to expose the student to the full range of capabilities of the Honeywell CARE 4.0 ngineering Application.  The course is extensive and hence is full 5 days with each day extending to 10 hours of work. The goal of this drill is to make the student conversant with each Engineering Platform in CARE 4.0.


Remark 1             The course aims at working through the mechanics of the CARE 4.0 Engineering process and not at the creation of a complete and exhaustive application program for the end-user.  For a complete power usage of this product the student will also need the in-depth application engineering class(es) for the relevant platform [Please check the CITS Training Catalog @ or call CITS @ (651) 646-2476].


Remark 2             For further clarification please call your training specialist Riaz Hussain for a complete answer (651) 646-2476.       


                               The getting started section shows how to start and exit CARE program, problem Windows and the use of online help.The next module of the course goes into the IDE of the CARE 4.0 Engineering Application. We discuss the different Engineering platforms in CARE 4.0 such as C-Bus engineering, LonWorks Engineering.  All Platforms are reviewed in depth The class then makes an in depth tour of the following engineering platforms


                         1.     C-Bus Engineering

                                Controller/Plant configuration

                                Control Strategy

                                Switching Logic

                               CARE Editors

                               Time ProgramTerminal Assignment


                    2.           LonWorks Network Engineering

                               Excel 500/50 Network Interface


                                Design/Configure Network

                                On Net Tuning


                           3.   Excel 10 Applications

                                Export Zone Manager File to E-Vision          

CARE Time Program


                           4.   Excel Link Controller

                           5.    Open Link Controller

                           6.    OPS Controller


                               It is not possible to detail every function that is dealt with in each platform above.  Suffice it to say that the completer engineering process is discussed and tested in each case with simple though illustrative engineering/ configuration models on which complex real applications could be based.


                              The class will also discuss file management, which includes such functions as CARE Backup/Restore and element export/import, upload/download controllers and programming EPROMS.


                               Generation of site documentation is discussed fully and illustrated.


There is also an intermediate discussion of XL Online commissioning tool.


 Objectives           Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:


  • Start the Honeywell CARE Application Program
  • Sign-on/sign-off from CARE System     
  • Perform all opening/closing/creation/deletion functions for all CARE Database Elements for all Engineering

Platforms such as C-Bus controllers and plants, LON Bus controllers, Excel Link Controllers and others

  • Perform all creation functions for all CARE Database Elements such as Excel Project Creation
  •     Perform all Management functions for Projects, Plants and Controllers such as adding/deleting controllers and


  • Perform all Plant Schematics functions to prepare for a fully functional application for any applicable controller
  • Program a control Strategy to deliver a functional application for the end-user
  • Program Switching Logic functions to deliver a functional application for the end-user                             
  • Program all time program functions necessary to deliver a fully functional application for the end-user
  • Work with all System Editors for text programming functions such as point descriptors and many others elements
  • Translate all plants successfully to generate a fully functional application for the end-user
  • Add/Delete controllers/plants/systems/subsystems/Channels/routers for all other (Other than C-Bus controllers

outlined above) Engineering Platforms such as LonWorks, Excel Link, Excel 10 and other controllers

  • Generate all system documentation for the end-user
  • Perform professionally all file management functions for the created site database such as backup/restore,

        upload/download controllers, EPROM programming, import/export functions to Element Library




  • CARE Start-Up
  • CARE 4.0 Integrated Development Environment        
  • Basic Navigation through the CARE Screens
  • All Engineering Platforms and their relevant controller/channel/system/subsystem/point engineering


  • All Database Modification/Management Procedures
  • All Control Strategy/switching Logic Procedures
  • All System Editors
  • Time programs
  • Plant Translation
  • System Documentation
  • File Management

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