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CXBS5101           XBS Subsystem System Interfaces                                                                                                                                                                                               

Class Type           Engineering/Service


System                   XBS Central


Duration               4.5 days


Class Audience    Operators of  down-line XBS processors and/or maintenance personnel for the XBS 

                                Controllers in XBS Central or XBS-i Central HVAC Systems


Offered At            Customer site or St Paul


# of  Students       Minimum 5,  Maximum 8 


Cost                        $1990 per person at site, $1290 per person St Paul


Pre-requisites      Fluent or Good Knowledge of basic DOS Commands and Basic Windows NT Procedures and a working knowledge of CAE/CPP,CARE, XI584,FS90 Hardware, XL Plus Hardware, XL Classic Hardware and XL5000 Modem Modules and Modem Devices


Brief                      The basic objective of the course is to prepare the student for configuring the legacy systems into the XBS System by using the provided subsystem interfaces.  In particular, the class concentrates on configuring the following  subsystems in the XBS System:


  1. The XL Plus subsystem
  2. The FS90 Subsystem
  3. The XL Classic subsystem
  4. The Modem Remote systems/sites Configuration


For each subsystem students are given an actual legacy system or a system database. The students then use this subsystem or the database to configure a fully functional XBS Front -end which communicates with the legacy systems in the expected manner.  This process is done one system at a time with the front-end becoming more complex at each stage.  At the completion of each stage, each of the earlier successfully configured subsystems must stay functional.


After configuration of the relevant subsystems the students test the configured systems in the XBS system in a windows NT 4.00 network environment.  To this end,  the class discusses thoroughly the operating procedures for each configured subsystem interface. 


Limitations of this interface process are also discussed and problems and workarounds are explained.


The class also discusses the system tools and parts used to configure all of the relevant system interfaces.  It would be helpful to bring a notebook computer to the class.


                                Written exercises are used to configure the relevant subsystems.


Objectives            Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:


  • Describe the hardware components of the XBS Central System
  • Describe the hardware components of each of the subsystem
  • Operate a fully networked XBS system with all subsystems fully operational
  • Trouble shoot a fully networked  XBS System with Subsystems
  • Perform all required database conversions necessary for the XBS front-end
  • Exhibit a knowledge of all basic operating procedures for each of the configured     


  • Perform all controller Load/Dump system backup/restore procedures
  • Create and interpret all required documentation



  • System Hardware/Software Overview
  • Nature and significance of all Databases
  • Conversion Tools and the conversion processes for each database
  • Configured systems startup and checkout/test
  • Configured systems Operating Procedures            
  • System Documentation Interpretation

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