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CLCBS2101        Excel 15 System Operation


Class Type           Basic Operation


System                   XL15 (Light Commercial Building Solution)


Duration               2.5 days


Class Audience    System Owners, System Operators, Technicians installing/servicing down-line satellite Excel 10                                                                       Controllers, XL15 Controllers, XL15 Building Managers and/or maintenance personnel responsible for the same               


Offered At            Customer site or St Paul


# of Students        Minimum 5, Maximum 8 


Cost                        $1095 per person at site, $795 per person St Paul


Pre-requisites      None


Brief                      The class starts with a brief discussion of the system block diagram of a typical LCBS System showing all central

equipment such as work station PC’s, local and remote E-buses, the satellite processors such as the Constant/Variable

Volume controllers, special controllers such as the Remote I/O, UV and CHC Controllers, system routers such as the

Q7751A/B FTT to FTT and TPT to FTT routers, Q7740A/B Repeaters, User Interface and Configuration tool interfaces

such as the Q7752A serial interface for the LONSpec PC, the User Interface Wall Modules such as T7770A-D and the

DDWM T7780A and E-Bus FTT termination modules 209541B.  This overview includes a discussion of the functions of

an XL15 System.


The class then follows a structured approach to XL15 system operation.  The detailed topics covered and the subtopics are as follows:


  1. 1.                    Getting Started


               This consists of accessing XL15 home page, sign-on, changing password, and logging out.


2.            Managing Devices


               Covers viewing, hiding and deleting devices from the system device list.


  1.        Understanding System Interface


             Covers device current settings, selecting a device graphic, initiating     

              occupied bypass.


4.             Special Displays


                Covers creating, managing and configuring special displays


5.             Schedules


                Includes an overview of schedules, global schedules, updating schedules, weekly schedules, holiday schedules and

temporary schedules.


6.             Trends


              Includes an overview of XL15 trends, viewing default trends in various modes, user defined trends and their configuration

      and viewing in various modes.


7.          Alarms


                Includes all alarm management, alarm creation, alarm summary operations, modifying configured alarms and 

assigning/deleting priorities/e-mail addresses for alarms.


8.              System Command Display Operation                               


Students go through the system operating procedures with hands-on detailed lab exercises.  Students’ work is checked by

and verified by the instructor in person and with review sheets.. 


Written exercises are used throughout the class to reinforce the learning process.


Objectives            Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:


  • Identify functionally critical components of  a connected Echelon bus
  • Understand the purpose and function of the Echelon bus
  • Start the XL15 User interface, sign-on and sign-off of the system
  • Operate and manage all device graphics
  • Operate and manage all special graphics.
  • Operate and manage all XL15 schedules
  • Operate and manage all XL15 trend displays
  • Interpret, manage and respond to all alarms
  • Manage assignment of alarms to e-mail addresses
  • Operate the S7760 Command Display Unit
  • Access XL15 system via all display units including the Microsoft Internet Explorer.



  • LCBS XL15 System Block Diagram including the Building Managers and the satellite processors referred to above
  • System Sign-on and basic operations
  • Graphic Management
  • XL15 Scheduling system
  • XL15 Trends
  • Responding to alarms, alarm management
  • S7760 Command display unit Operation
  • E-mail address management
  • XL15 Access Via Internet Explorer and other units

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