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D1K1001              Delta1000 CPU Hardware Transmission System / Maintenance / Trouble Shooting


Class Type            Maintenance


System                   Alpha/Delta 1000


Duration                4.5 Days


Class Audience    Operators of  Delta 1000 systems and/or maintenance personnel for the Delta1000 systems Central equipment


Offered At             Customer site or St Paul


# of Students        Minimum 5, Maximum 8


Cost                        $1990 per person at site, $1290 per person St Paul


Pre-requisites      None


Brief                      The basic focus of the class is to discuss thoroughly the Delta 1000 system block diagram and to bring to focus the functionality of all different types of D1000 system CPU’s.  The D1000 system CPU hardware is discussed extensively and the theory of operation explained in it’s entirety.  This is necessary for later system maintenance and trouble shooting.


This is followed by in depth system programming using function codes.  The emphasis is on the D1000 system programming function codes.  EMS and HVAC function codes are discussed in other classes.  This knowledge is essential for D1000 system maintenance and trouble shooting which is the objective of this training.


This is followed by D1000 system maintenance.  To this end all diagnostic techniques, system load/dump and memory interrogation systems are discussed and exemplified.


The last part of the class is actual simulation of system problems and subsequent trouble shooting by students.  Each module of the class is followed by actual hands on exercises in D1000 system lab.



                                Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:        


·         Describe the D1000 system hardware components and draw a D1000 system block diagram.

·         Exhibit a full knowledge of D1000 card cage, D1000 CPU card complement.

·         Wire a D1000 system hardware system including the W1008 power supply module

·         Perform all system programming function codes and understand their nature and significance

·         Use all memory access system designed for the Delta 1000 system and exhibit a working knowledge of the Hexadecimal number system

·         Load and dump the D1000 system CPU using tape and disk load/dump procedures.

·         Understand the significance of the D10-00 OS as opposed to the D1000 Data File

·         Initialize a PROM or RAM based D1000 system

·         Wire a D1000 system CPU, the W1008 power supply and D1000 system DGP’s, channels and remote devices.

·         Program and enter a basic D1000 Data file after a system crash in order to bring up the system on line.

·         Run all D1000 diagnostic programs and procedures.

·         Exhibit a working knowledge of all old and new D1000 front-end programs and hardware interfaces such as DPC, PCU, the Micro and Graphic Central systems.

·         Order D1000 system parts and accessories



·         D1000 system hardware/software/firmware overview.

·         D1000 wiring including transmission and channel wiring and load/dump interfaces.

·         D1000 load/dump procedures

·         D1000 diagnostic programs

·         D1000 System function codes.

·         D1000 System Maintenance


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