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D1K2102              Delta1000 Control Interpreter Programming (Delta 1000 CIL)


Class Type            Programming


System                   Alpha/Delta 1000


Duration                3.0 Days


Class Audience    Operators of  Delta 1000 systems and/or maintenance personnel for the Delta1000 System Distributed HVAC Hardware Modules (DGP’s)


Offered At             Customer site or St Paul


# of Students        Minimum 5, Maximum 8


Cost                        $1095 per person at site, $795 per person St Paul


Pre-requisites      D1K2101 or knowledge of Level 1 and 2 function codes      


Brief                      The class starts with a discussion of the Delta 1000 system block diagram .  The function and purpose of the various DGP’s is explained briefly.  The class then turns to an elaborate discussion of the D1000 Custom Interpreter Programming System and motivates for a need for custom programming. 


The class starts with the D1000 Custom Programming System called Control Interpreter language and elaborates extensively on its theory of operation.  This is followed by actual examples of custom programming scenarios and how the CIL system handles them.  The rest of the class is actual programming exercises that students write, enter and test and checkout on-line.  The following is a partial list of the programming scenarios from real life that students work on:


                                Pump Rotation Programs

                                Date and time initiated programs and activities

                                Alarm-initiated programs

                                Enthalpy Programs

                                Start/Stop Programs

                                Degree-Day Programs


Each program discussion is followed by an actual hands on exercise complete with on-line test and checkout.


                                Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:        

·         Describe the D1000 Control Interpreter Language Utility

·         Describe the D1000 CIL Data Entry Format and Procedures

·         Write, enter and test the Pump Rotation Program

·         Write, enter and test the Enthalpy Program

·         Write, enter and test all Start/Stop Programs designed for the class

·         Write, enter and test all Date and Time-Initiated Programs


·         D1000 system hardware/software/firmware overview

·         The D1000 Control Interpreter Language Fundamentals

·         D1000 Control Interpreter Language Data Entry

·         CIL Program Test and Checkout Procedures

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