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CXBS1004           XBS Micro/Macrocel Hardware/Diagnostics/Trouble Shooting/Maintenance


Class Type            Maintenance


System                   XBS Central


Duration                3.0 days


Class Audience    Operators of  down-line XBS processors and/or Maintenance personnel for the XBS 

                                Controllers in XBS Central or XBS-i Central HVAC Systems


Offered At             Customer site or St Paul


# of Students        Minimum 5,  Maximum 8 


Cost                        $1095 per person at site, $795 per person St Paul


Pre-requisites      None


Brief                      The class starts with a thorough discussion of the system block diagram of a XBS or XBS-i Central system.  All components of the system are discussed to a functional level The class covers thoroughly the basic operation of the Micro/Macrocel Controllers using the MPOT.  A sample proper set of documentation is provided for use at the customer site.  This set is created by CITS engineers.  Test/checkout and diagnostics are covered in detail with actual experiments on customers’ own equipment or lab equipment as the case may be.  An elaborate trouble-shooting chart is presented in class.


The trouble shooting section of the class also points out the technical limits of the repair processes for the Micro/Macrocel Controllers.


Objectives             Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:


·         Identify functionally critical components of  a Micro/Macrocel controller.

·         Understand the purpose and function of the C-NAP bus.

·         Understand the purpose and function of Micro/Macrocel firmware.

·         Perform all operator functions using the CCT2194 MPOT.

·         Understand functionally the purpose of the Micro/Macrocel Controller Point and Program data files.

·         Identify and work with the Controller inputs and outputs



·         XBS/XBS-i Central System Block Diagram

·         CCT2194 MPOT keyboard and usage

·         Micro/Macrocel Controller Operating Procedures

·         Micro/Macrocel Controller Functional Hardware/Firmware

·         Micro/Macrocel Controller Diagnostics / Trouble Shooting

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