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CXB2104              XBS Smartpad for Windows


Class Type            Programming


System                   XBS Central


Duration                3.0 days


Class Audience    Programmers of  down-line XBS processors and/or Maintenance personnel for the XBS Controllers in XBS Central or XBS-i Central HVAC Systems


Offered At             Customer site or St Paul


# of Students        Minimum 5,  Maximum 8 


Cost                        $1095 per person at site, $795 per person St Paul


Pre-requisites      Expert Knowledge of Windows/Some Programming knowledge/CXBX2101


Brief                      A Smartpad is a collection of buttons each containing a visual image to represent the function that the button will perform when it is selected.  The user can create customized Smartpads for all popular Windows applications to enhance their use and introduce laborsaving shortcuts to increase efficiency.  The course also shows how to create Smartpads which are available to all Windows applications or associated with specific applications.   In addition to user-defined associations the course goes into the advanced functions of using the Smartpad system to act as a DDE server allowing Windows documents such as spreadsheets , Word documents, Visual Basic program, etc., to invoke pads and associate them during execution.  For example, not only can one attach a custom pad to Excel , but each individual spreadsheet document can associate a custom pad of its own to suite the particular application. 

The course also brings to front the full power of the Smartpad system by an in-depth analysis of the rather sophisticated macro-recording/playback, program launching, and DDE execution facilities that can be attached to a button of a pad.


Objectives             Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:


·         Describe what a Smartpad is

·         Identify the various Pad Styles

·         Configure a Pad Button Using all Button Functions

·         Operate the Smartpad in Configuration and Server Modes

·         Start the Smartpad Software

·         Create a Smartpad       

·         Use all Configuration Commands for a Pad or Button

·         Perform Pad Association Functions

·         Perform Pad Resizing/Styling/Button Detail Functions

·         Perform all Macro/Viewer Functions for a Pad

·         Establish DDE Conversation with another Windows Application

·         Use effectively the QuickLearn Feature of the Smartpad Functionality

·         Perform all DDE Execute Commands

·         Perform all Replacement String Function Programming



·         Smartpad Basics

·         Smartpad Operation and Usage

·         Button and Pad Creation/Configuration

·         Pad Association/Resizing/Styling/Button Details

·         DDE Execute

·         Macro/Viewer Functions/Programming

·         QuickLearn Feature

·         Replacement String Function Programming

·         Smartpad Initialization Parameters

·         Smartpad Error Messages

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